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Author Topic: User Calvino on Btc-e, freelancer who steals other peoples work  (Read 1492 times)
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October 29, 2013, 06:36:03 PM

Hi guys,

I run the website and have offered bounties for submissions to the marketplace.  To get the ball rolling faster I commissioned a trading bot for mcxnow to sell on Bitorca

I agreed on 2btc for this.  I paid 1btc up front to start on the work and sent an email with my feature list.

A week later the user Calvino wouldn't send me the bot until I sent the other 1btc.  I said I would cover escrow, still no I requested some screenshots.  The bot was a nulled version of itraderpro.   I am selling this on the marketplace and don't have the heart to take somebodies work like that.  I have since contacted him on btc-e and via email.

All I have to go on is the following...

IP address :
btc-e : Calvino
email:  [email protected]
skype:  insidiousproducts

14[23:17] * Now talking in #Bitorca
14[23:47] * blah ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Bitorca
09[23:47] <@serversides> Hey man!
09[23:48] <@serversides> Is this calvino?
[23:49] <blah> yes
[23:49] <blah> I finished the work
[23:49] <blah> I just don't like sending things without a final payment in full.
[23:49] <blah> Especially after I've spent hours on it.
09[23:50] <@serversides> Awesome, sure I understand.  I have made payment upfront but I would like to use an escrow service for the last part if thats ok, I will pay any fees
09[23:50] <@serversides> I have been burned once already before and 1btc is a lot to me at the moment
[23:51] <blah> yea but escrow with intangible / tangible shipped items is risky for me
[23:51] <blah> because you can just lie and say i didn't give it
[23:51] <blah> I told you today is when I'd most likely be done and contact you anyways.
[23:52] <blah> by monday Tongue
09[23:52] <@serversides> Ok fine, but can I have a bitcointalk profile and some screenshots of the app please
[23:52] <blah> I'm not on bitcointalk but i will give you screenshots.
09[23:53] <@serversides> I have a public website, have made good on many deals I will not screw you over
[23:54] <blah>
[23:55] <blah>
09[23:56] <@serversides> Um
[23:56] <blah> yea its the same thing
09[23:57] <@serversides> Exactly, so what is the differnce!?
09[23:58] <@serversides> You are just sending me a trader already done
[23:58] <blah> Not much at all, you are getting the sourcecode so you can change it to whatever you wish.
09[23:59] <@serversides> What changes have you made to it?
09[23:59] <@serversides> I asked for a bot for mcnow
09[23:59] <@serversides> mcxnow
[23:59] <blah> this is..
[23:59] <blah> check it, it has mcxnow
Session Time: Mon Oct 21 00:00:01 2013
[00:00] <blah> i can make it just mcxnow if you want.
[00:00] <blah> change the name etc..
[00:00] <blah> for now i just have it setup so you can start using it
09[00:00] <@serversides> This is just a bot you have already paid for and reselling for me.  What work have you put into this?
[00:00] <blah> i can change the name / pics etc
[00:00] <blah> lol I never paid for it
[00:00] <blah> I have the source codes
09[00:00] <@serversides> SO you pirated it?
[00:01] <blah> yup
[00:01] <blah> It's not public.
[00:01] <blah> It's worth $$
[00:01] <blah> You could sell the source alone for $500
09[00:01] <@serversides> the source is available on theor site for 2btc
09[00:01] <@serversides> 2btc is what I am paying you
09[00:01] <@serversides> I need to repackage this
[00:01] <blah> So it's a good deal.
[00:02] <blah> I will help you edit it etc..
09[00:03] <@serversides> I cannot sell this on Bitorca, it is somebody elses work.  I paid you 1btc already
[00:03] <blah> Yes you can..
[00:03] <blah> I will change everything and rename it they won't even know.
09[00:04] <@serversides> we agreed 2btc for abn mcxnow bot.  You ripped somebody elses work nd passed it off as your own.  You said 5-6 hours of work you put in.  Where is this?
09[00:04] <@serversides> the screenshots you sent are the same as the itrader itself, nothing different
[00:04] <blah> I had to reverse engineer their software and decompile everything to get the source.
09[00:05] <@serversides> I could have just bought this from their site
09[00:05] <@serversides> for the same price
09[00:05] <@serversides> with source
09[00:05] <@serversides>
09[00:06] <@serversides> Can you please code me a mcxNow bot with the features I have asked for in the email I sent you.  This is not what I asked for
[00:09] <blah> yea ill get right to it
15[00:09] * blah ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)

So stupid of me to send 1 btc like that, but I detest people who rip off the work of others.  

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